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Computer Foundations

This course will cover ideas describing the basic hardware and software that is used to create a computer. It will cover topics such as use of the keyboard and mouse, the monitor, and the pieces inside “the box.” You will gain a fundamental understanding of computer networks and the Internet. You will also be introduced to the basics of software. What is Windows? What is a program? Finally, you will go through the initial startup, logon and navigation of the environment of a computer. Then we will cover the basics of using Internet Explorer to browse and understand the Internet. This includes what is needed to connect to the Internet, understanding the browser window, and accessing popular websites. Printing from the Internet, creating bookmarks for favorite websites and keeping yourself safe on the Internet are also covered. Lastly, you will learn how email works. You will setup a new email account for yourself. You will learn the basics of how to create, send, receive, and read emails. In addition, you will learn how to attach files such as pictures and resumes to an email that you send. Finally, you will learn the best practices of email use in the business environment.

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